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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Apache 1.1 / Linux 2.0.27 SEGV problems (fwd)
Date Thu, 06 Feb 1997 23:53:07 GMT

Not acked.

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Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 12:43:22 -0800
From: David Alan Pisoni <>
Newgroups: comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix, comp.os.linux.networking
Subject: Apache 1.1 / Linux 2.0.27 SEGV problems

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comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix, comp.os.linux.networking)


I have been using Apache 1.0 for quite some time now, since at the time
Apache 1.1 first was released, I had this same problem and no one could
seem to explain it.  

Here are my system specs :

Linux 2.0.27, GCC 2.7.2,, (if you care).
I tried Apache 1.1 originally, then later 1.1.1, and now I tried 1.1.3,
all with similar results.

Here is what happens :

Apache configures normally, compiles without any warnings, and launches
normally.  If it is used without virtual hosts, it functions quite well. 
However, when run with virtual hosts, it does not behave properly.  The
first and second virtual host specified in 'httpd.conf' work properly, but
ALL other virtual hosts, as well as the "primary" hostname/IP do NOT work
correctly.  Each time they are accessed, the ErrorLog reports :

[Thu Feb  6 12:03:48 1997] httpd: caught SIGSEGV, dumping core

The httpd process does NOT terminate (and I can't seem to locate where it
is actually dumping its core file, if it is at all.)  This behaviour is
consistent -- even after a series of the SEGV messages, you can access one
of the two working virtual hosts and it will behave normally.  There are
no runaway processes that I was able to detect, the server remains safely
within the MaxSpareServers limit after continual Segmentation Faults.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?  I have wanted to upgrade my web
server for quite some time now, and have been unable to.

Please reply by email to this message -- I am not able to check usenet as
often as I would like :-(

Thank you for your assistance,
David Pisoni, System Administrator
CyberNation, LLC -- Web Design for the Next Milennium -
310/656-3450  -  310/656-3453 (fax)

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