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Subject Re: [BUG]: "1.2b6 & php2.0b9 - core dump" on OSF/1
Date Fri, 07 Feb 1997 20:29:04 GMT
> Symptoms:
> --
> Core dumps are generated. I believe they are
> generated when the php module is accessed for
> checking access time.

For future reference, PHP-related bug reports should be sent to:

You may be seeing one of two possible problems:

1) mmap() on OSF/1 is quite broken.  Try editing the php config.h file and
   turn off mmap, recompile PHP and re-link Apache.

2) You may have a regex library mismatch problem.  Both PHP and Apache can
   optionally use Henry Spencer's regex library.  PHP asks you during the
   install if you want to use the bundled regex library or your system
   library.  Apache has a default setting for each OS.  Force it to be the
   same.  ie. if you answered No to the bundled regex library in the PHP
   installation, set WANTHSREGEX to "no" in the Apache Configuration file
   and recompile.  If that doesn't work, try answering Yes in PHP and setting
   WANTHSREGEX to "yes" in Apache.


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