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Subject Re: Novel way to kill Apache
Date Thu, 06 Feb 1997 20:02:28 GMT
> If you build a program under Irix while it is running, it changes the code
> of the running program, usually resulting in a crash! This comes as a big
> surprise to me, since a) no other system I use does it, and b) its clearly
> trivial to avoid. However, my contacts at SGI insist that this is expected
> and in no way a bug. So, I wonder two things: does any other Unix do this
> (they claim they do)? And should we have a note somewhere about it, or even
> change the Makefile to do something like "mv httpd httpd-" (or "rm httpd")
> before linking? 

SCO Xenix did this from what I recall.  So did QNX on the boxes I worked on
back in the 80's.  I bet early versions of SCO Unix does it as well.


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