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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: [BUG]: "REMOTE_USER variable *never* being set for CGIs" on SCO (fwd)
Date Thu, 20 Feb 1997 07:50:15 GMT
I can see that breaking quite a few CGIs; cause now you
can assume that if REMOTE_USER is NOT set, no auth took
place. Whereas if it is set, and set to NULL, if might
just be that we have a user typing just a return in the
passwd field.

If you really have to I would set AUTH_TYPE (perhaps to
null, perhaps to "NoAuth" or something, but leave the
REMOTE_USER (I've always hated that REMOTE_USER in CGI
anyway; given that it is so spesific to just BasicAuth).

Ah well,


> From Thu Feb 20 03:41:35 1997
> --
> Basically, the REMOTE_USER and AUTH_TYPE variables are never set and exported to the
CGI's environment.  They should (by common logic) be exported all the time, and set to nothing
if there was no authentication, and otherwise, set to the corresponding val
> ues.
> --
> Backtrace:
> --
> --

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