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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: updated status for 1.2b7
Date Sun, 16 Feb 1997 11:33:55 GMT
Dean Gaudet wrote:
> >   * escaping '{''s in SSI has changed.  Bug?
> >     Message-ID: <>
> > 	Status: Ben posted patch 
> While Ben's patch looks correct I think the user is mistaken.  ${xxx} is
> substituted everywhere, including within quoted strings, it says so in the
> docs (well it doesn't talk about {}, just $ expansion).  Ben's patch just
> fixes the behaviour so that when ${ is seen, it considers everything up to
> the next } as part of the variable name.

The snag is that the substitution only does the most elementary kind, and
doesn't handle conditional substitutions and the like. All my patch does is
to defer the substitution for the shell to do, instead of just doing it wrong.
Note that my patch has no effect on simple substitutions.



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