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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: byterange comments
Date Wed, 12 Feb 1997 11:27:55 GMT
>From the fingers of Alexei Kosut flowed the following:
>1. MSIE apparently does not like quotes on the boundary string in the
>Content-Type header for multipart/byteranges. The MIME spec reccomends
>them, but they are not neccessary, and the HTTP spec doesn't say one
>way or the other. If they cause IE problems, I have no objection to
>removing them. Does anyone?

    In section 7.2.1 of RFC 1521 there is an huge throbbing "note to
    implementors" which deals with this.  It's aimed primarily at people
    writing stuff that will *generate* headers, but applies equally to
    anyone who's going to be *reading* them.  What we are doing is legal
    according to the MIME spec, and therefore according to HTTP.  If
    MSIE doesn't understand it, it's broken.  (Wow!  What a surprise!)
    On a personal moral level, I'd say that they should fix it or sod
    off.  At the very least they should stop wasting other people's time
    with their lameness.

    On a less inflammatory level, I think we should politely point them
    to the relevant section, say we're in compliance, and suggest they
    fix their stuff.  I definitely think we should not allow them to get
    away with this, at least not without a fight.

>                                                          or do
>something silly like check the User-Agent for "MSIE".

    Yak!  Yggh!  Ick!  "Sniff me, I'm broken"!  I suppose I could be
    convinced this was okey IFF Apache used the results to send a
    multipart in *all* cases, the first section of which told the reader
    what a bogus client he was using.. <g>

    Sorry, but I'm tired of the way Microsnot muscles their way around
    things.  Plus I didn't sleep well last night.. <g>

    #ken    :-(}

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