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From "Ed Korthof">
Subject Re: my version of the mod_include outbut buffering
Date Fri, 07 Feb 1997 22:03:27 GMT
I'm not particularly invested in my patch for mod_include (and I just realized,
so I'll remove it from the running.  However, I would suggest a few changes to
Marc's patch, specifically to avoid having the change the other functions which
use GET_CHAR.  IMO, changing the arguments they take is something we should

Marc, why don't we use the GET_CHAR, PUT_CHAR, and FLUSH_BUFFER macros you
posted -- define them above find_string -- and undef them below find_string;
then define the old GET_CHAR macro for use by the other functions?  Not the
cleanest code, but it should do the job efficiently.

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