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From Jared <>
Subject A project....
Date Wed, 26 Feb 1997 20:09:29 GMT
Hello.... first I will start off saying that you don't know me... I have
folowed the work of the cypherpunks for a while.. and even heard Eric
Hughes speak at Summercon95... I'm currently working on putting together
a project that will require a lot of cusom cgi and secure transactions
with a bank down in antigua... money should not be a problem... I would
like to have one or more people from the group consult on the project
and point a direction to programmers to do the work... if members from
the group would not want to do it... 

All of it is still a little ways off... I'm have lawyers checking on it
to make sure it's legal so there is no real rush.. if you could, relay
this to anyone who you think might like to know more about it....

I can be reached at finger my account on
that machine for my public key... 

This is a serious request... and I look forward to hearing from you.


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