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From "Kevin 'Kev' Hughes" <>
Subject Re: Using the PUT method with Apache
Date Tue, 25 Feb 1997 06:53:43 GMT

Alexei Kosut types:
> > 	...but if I use Script, it seems that the <Limit PUT ...> stuff
> > I set up is ignored. The server allows any old person to PUT stuff.
> Hmm. This should not be the case. Are you sure the <Limit> is applied
> to the correct directory? ...

	I double-checked everything, and it turns out that indeed
I needed to put a .htaccess file in /cgi-bin, <Limit> PUT there,
make sure .htaccess was readable, and make sure that allowing overrides
was OK for /cgi-bin.
	After that, everything worked! Now I am going to town, yay,
long live apache!

> > 	So I say, OK, I'll just check the login name and password
> > in the handler itself. But I can't seem to find the environment variable
> > that stores the name/password pair to pass to my handler for authentication.
> It isn't. This is a "feature". See below.

	Ah, now I understand.
	Those writing books on Apache (I know you're out there :) might
want to include these little tips for those making this kind of stuff.
	Case solved,

	-- Kevin

Kevin Hughes * *
Hypermedia Engineer * VeriFone Internet Commerce * Duty now for the future!

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