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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: META revisited
Date Mon, 24 Feb 1997 19:52:45 GMT
Jason S. Clary:
> I personally would like to see a way to add headers from within SSI (or
> through
> meta tags) simply for the ability to add content ratings directly from each
> page
> instead of in the conf files or in .htaccess.

mod_cern_meta.c is but one current solution.

> I still think it would be a detriment to parse every file though.... I'm
> considering
> writing a small content rating module that could more effectively handle user
> based content rating defaults in .htaccess (the add headers stuff is nice but
> confusing for lesser html designers) and in that case I wouldn't need any
> META parsing..
> So I think if its added, it should be configurable.  Anything done, though,
> should
> be integrated into SSI to avoid dual parsing and missed-parsing because a
> file
> might be SSI...  this, of course, leads us back to the re-write of SSI for
> more efficiency and configurability.. ;)
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> Jason S. Clary <>
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