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From "Jason S. Clary" <>
Subject Re: META revisited
Date Mon, 24 Feb 1997 21:38:30 GMT

> From: Ben Laurie <>
> Jason Clary wrote:
> > 
> > Everything I've read about META tags (including the nice book Webmaster
> > which is part of the Nutshell series from O`eilly) seems to say that
> > the web server SHOULD parse META tags and add the contained entities
> > to the headers.
> > 
> > Personaly I think this is incredibly stupid as it would require all
> > pages to be parsed for META tags.
> That's true no matter who parses them (and don't forget proxies!). And META
> is a HEAD field, so the whole page doesn't need to be parsed. And we could
> make it configurable.

Of course, there are a lot of idiots out their writing web pages (not to
a hell of a large amount of legacy HTML code) that doesn't have the head
and body statements.  Pages like that should be updated anyway but
you can bet a lot of people wont.  In those cases, its likely that you would
parse the entire document for nothing.
> > Hmm, does the new ssi support setting of extended headers fields?
> > Maybe having an "alternative" would be acceptable.
> Not from the point of view of having portable HTML, but that may not matter
> much for this particular task.

Is SSI portable as it is in 1.2bx?  I'm running mod_xssi on 1.1.3 currently
it has the same format but I didn't realize it was any sort of standard.. ;)

I personally would like to see a way to add headers from within SSI (or
meta tags) simply for the ability to add content ratings directly from each
instead of in the conf files or in .htaccess.

I still think it would be a detriment to parse every file though.... I'm
writing a small content rating module that could more effectively handle user
based content rating defaults in .htaccess (the add headers stuff is nice but
confusing for lesser html designers) and in that case I wouldn't need any
META parsing..

So I think if its added, it should be configurable.  Anything done, though,
be integrated into SSI to avoid dual parsing and missed-parsing because a
might be SSI...  this, of course, leads us back to the re-write of SSI for
more efficiency and configurability.. ;)

Jason S. Clary <>

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