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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: updated status for 1.2b7
Date Sun, 16 Feb 1997 03:44:21 GMT
Marc Slemko wrote:
> Agenda for 1.2b7-dev
> ====================
> Patches ready for testing, voting:
>   * Roy's big fixes to main loop, lingering_close patch

+1... Really need a good wide beta-test on this, which seems the
best so far.

>   * fix vbprintf and NULL pointers
> 	Status: Ken posted patch, +1 Marc


>   * mod_include is slow.  Marc posted an output buffering patch
>     that shouldn't help but does.


>   * Satisfy Any can be changed if .htaccess exists
>         If you give Satisfy Any in access.conf for a particular directory,
>         and have a .htaccess in that directory, Satisfy mode reverts
>         to Satisfy All even if the .htaccess has _no_ authentication
>         directives.
> 	Status: Ed posted patch, +1 from Paul Sutton, Dean


>   * fix -Wall warnings in regex library
> 	Status: patch posted, Roy +1 Marc likes idea but needs a little work
>   * Roy's don't propogate EXTRA_CFLAGS to regex
> 	Status: Alexei -1, alternate solution?

Sounds like we either ignore the warning, under the feeling
that regex isn't "official" Apache code (we're just borrowing
it) but this is much more mucky than we originally envisioned...
Most probably we should simply fix the warnings :/

>   * add setlocale (PR#76)
> 	Status: ken posted patch, Marc scared...  Leave the whole thing
> 		for after 1.2?

-1... Isn't setlocale an ANSIism? Unless we can provide a replacement,
Ugg. (PS: Did everyone get the word about the problems with
setlocale, I think, in FreeBSD?)
>   * correct irix 5.3 -Wall warnings
> 	Status: Dean posted patch, Marc +1


>   * server can hang on HUP
> 	Status: Marc posted patch, -1 Chuck because of sleep(2)... but I 
> 	don't like the alternatives.
> Should be done or at least looked at before 1.2b7:
>   * status report shows PIDs in empty slots, user supplied some sort 
>     of patch
>     Message-ID: <>

I've got the patch... This would be more a feature than anything
else; after all, the entries _are_ right since the slots _should_
have Apache's PPID in them. Removing that from the output is fluff...


>   * let's fix the Solaris 2.6 and HPUX getwd junk the right way.  
>     Either get rid of the (one) call to getwd or use ap_getwd and 
>     #define it appropriately in conf.h

Ugly to add another new define for all entries in conf.h for one
use of a call... If no other alternatives, then we should wrap the
HPUX/Sol2.6 stuff (ie: only their entries in conf.h need be
adjusted) as needed. I'll look.

>   * Marc says Apache won't compile with HAVE_SNPRINTF defined as things
>     are now because not everything includes conf.h.
>        Status: Fix it when we have a platform which has snprintf.  Jim
> 	will look at; perhaps just include conf.h everywhere

conf.h is included in httpd.h also...

+1 on waiting until we have a platform to work with :)

Another item: WRITEV stuff... so far, all platforms have writev
 but we need to keep this in the backs of our minds.

      Jim Jagielski            |       jaguNET Access Services           |
                  "Not the Craw... the CRAW!"

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