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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] (PR#130) mod_imap infinite loop fix
Date Mon, 10 Feb 1997 19:59:45 GMT
> >Actually, 'base' was not intended just to be a URL. It does however
> >only make sense to deal with the directory it references IMO. Marc's
> >fix does follow with the feature's purpose be it right or wrong.
> Wait a minute, now I'm completely confused.  The code says it is
> a base URL, the documentation says it is a base URL, it is currently
> being parsed as a base URL (well, kind of -- it is nowhere close to
> being compliant with RFC 1808), but somehow it is supposed to be a directory?

This is probably because the person who rewrote the parser code
mis-interpreted my intent when I originally wrote mod_imap.c.
The first intent of base (then base_uri) was intended to be a
directory which could also be given a URL as a parameter. The
URL was parsed for the referenced directory. I don't know if
the bug was introduced when the parser was rewritten or if it
has always existed. Regardless, I view the current behavior as a

> We can't have it both ways.  Either it is a URL or a directory, since the
> two have distinctly different meanings without a trailing slash.  Given
> that the code says that it can be set to the map URL, the referer URL,
> or a configured URL, it would seem to me that it isn't a directory.

I don't understand the difference in a URL and a directory when used in
the context of an imagemap file. We are simply telling the server where
to find the mapped resource relative to base, the mapfile, or the referer.

> The correct fix to the problem reported is to replace the existing, buggy
> imap_url() routine with a proper utility function that performs
> relative -> absolute conversion.  Until then, the existing bug is better
> than assuming that any base URL not ending in a slash is supposed to be a
> directory.
> .....Roy

I would rather see us fix the looping problem than rewrite mod_imap at
this stage in the game. mod_imap's usefulness is becoming less and less.

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