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From Howard Fear <>
Subject Re: [BUG] spaces in SSI?
Date Sun, 09 Feb 1997 06:09:44 GMT

I thought this was mine, and indeed it is...

>   * <!--#exec cmd="prog args\ with\ spaces"-->
>     doesn't work anymore. It passes THREE arguments
>     to prog ("args", "with" and "spaces), instead of
>     ONE argument ("args with spaces"). []  suexec related?

Ben Laurie writes:
> This is not suexec related. It is simply caused by the SSI string parser
> removing backslashes. To fix it, either we till people to use "\\ "
> (I assume this will work) or we change the backslash removal to only do
> so when a character which actually needs escaping follows. I can't say
> I'm much enamoured with either method.

The '\' handling was really added just to allow the user to escape '$'s
for variables they didn't want ssi to parse.  I don't generally like to
write special case code, but since this really applies to only one
character, I'll make this change in the morning.

Howard Fear      I'm just a country perl hacker Jim.

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