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From sameer <>
Subject PDF, byteranges, netscape
Date Fri, 07 Feb 1997 17:04:05 GMT
	I haven't had enough time to keep up with the list (busy
trying to setup an international infrastructure for
cryptography.. wheee.. ) but I didn't see anything conclusive happen
wrt the byteranges except Alexei's patch was committed.

	While I'm in favor of the patch going in, I think that before
we consider this problem solved we should talk to the folks at
Netscape about this. So I got in touch with my friend Jeff who has
bugged Lou to get in touch with us about byteranges. Just thought I'd
post an update. Hopefully he'll be in touch soon, so we can work this
out to full effectiveness.

Sameer Parekh					Voice:   510-986-8770
President					FAX:     510-986-8777

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