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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Feature freeze?
Date Thu, 06 Feb 1997 23:13:23 GMT
> Jim Jagielski wrote:
> > 
> > Some may recall that awhile ago the status module included a field
> > that indicated how long it took for Apache to handle the request.
> > This was dropped since the method used had only second granularity.
> > Right now I have a patch that adds this back using gettimeofday
> > (and even times)... But this is definately a Feature and not a Fix.
> > . . .
> I'd love to see your code anyway. I just recently switcehd the
> scoreboard.h related code to use gettimeofday() timeval's instead of
> time() time_t's to get accurate breakdowns on how busy time is spent on
> average and am considering switching to getrusage() instead of times()
> as well. If you already got all this functionality working though... :-)
> As somewhat of a sidenote, getrusage() seems to be more standard (as far
> as portability is concerned) than times() so switching seems inevitable
> especially since you get more info out of getrusage() ;-)
> I cc'd everyone else just to keep the version 2 thoughts flowing and
> stuff logged.
> Lastly, I'm definately for seeing 1.2 done asap too. Then a QUICK 1.3
> with just the minor additional features suggested so far (anything that
> required mods to three files or less) gets a +1 vote from me. Seems like
> in the future a few modules (albiet some of the most useful like
> mod_rewrite and mod_sucgi) need to be seperated back out again from the
> distribution though so that future releases aren't as interdependent.

mod_sucgi is not in Apache.

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