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Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "can't compile with mysql" on Solaris 2.x (fwd)
Date Fri, 03 Jan 1997 16:15:12 GMT

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997 wrote:

> > I am currently trying to get Oracle, sybase, msql and mysql into
> > one 'SQL' module; which little stub libraries into each of the
> > connecting API's of the vendor; but for now the legal-ese is still
> > baffling me. But this should surface soon. But until then; mysql does
> > not work with the msql lib/module.
> You should probably have a look at PHP from
> I am currently able to link Sybase, mSQL, mysql, Solid and Postgres95
> client libraries into Apache all at once, or separately.  Things are
> also progressing quickly on the odbc front.  This means that auth modules
> can be written extremely easily in PHP right now.  They can probably also
> be written rather easily in Perl.  

Yes; I looked at that some time ago; and was quite impressed; but I would
like to get it a bit smaller/cleaner and auth oriented.

> I still think a single unified mod_auth_sql is a good idea, as well as a
> mod_auth_odbc.  You should be able to scam most of what you need to do this
> from the PHP sources.  

Thanks; will look at that !

> Except for the Oracle part.  Oracle hurts my brain, and I hate 
> pre-processors.

Well; this was indeed where I wanted to head to; with a unified 
mod_auth_sql; but the Sybase and Oracle licencing terms kind of 
stopped me. I pick this up once more and see how far I get.

The other thing is that I am not too happy about the odbc front; the
last time I looked was over a year ago; with a lot of buggy and leaking
code. Perhaps things have improved. I'll give it a go this evening.



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