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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject pipelining and chunking
Date Tue, 28 Jan 1997 00:28:38 GMT
So Henrik and I have concluded that the problem is in the libwww library
and not in Apache.  He's working on that and will re-do the benchmarks
when he's got it fixed.

In the meanwhile, I hope to get a chance later this week to use the libwww
robot to test chunking.  I'd like to implement the performance tweak I was
talking about, is there any chance of it getting into 1.2?  Here's the

- add char *chunk_header to the buff structure.  If non-null then this points
  to the first byte of a chunk header in the buffer.  This is set by the
  switch to chunking, and at that time enough space is reserved for the
  header (you know how big it'll be at that time).  Since the chunk trailer
  requires two bytes I'll also decrease bufsiz by two at this time (or
  implement some other kludge).

- when flushing the buffer, twiddle chunk_header if required, tack on the
  chunk trailer, flush away.  Start off a fresh buffer with a new
  chunk_header, and outcnt set appropriately.

This essentially eliminates all the bflush()s that we have left.  It's
not as elegant as layered i/o, but it should do the job.


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