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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: Agenda for 1.2b7
Date Tue, 28 Jan 1997 16:32:25 GMT
I'd just like to suggest three more bugs for the list of things to-do for
b7 which I've reported previously. I've already sent patches for two of

   * Satisfy Any can be changed if .htaccess exists

       If you give Satisfy Any in access.conf for a particular directory,
       and have a .htaccess in that directory, Satisfy mode reverts
       to Satisfy All even if the .htaccess has _no_ authentication

   * http_monitor.c doesn't understand the scoreboard fmt

       If you use a scoreboard file, httpd_monitor is largely useless
       since it does not understand the current format very well. 
       Patch mailed on 9 Jul.
   * Apache doesn't output the full headers on a 2xx or 3xx status

       If Apache returns a 2xx or 3xx status it does not output all
       the response headers it should do. This patch also updates the
       headers it outputs to match HTTP/1.1.
       Patch mailed on 3 Nov.

I've also got a new module which could augment or replace the BrowserMatch
directive with a generic directive to set environment variables based on
any request header or other aspects of the request (e.g.  remote host). A
first version of this mod_setenvif was sent on 4 Nov. It could implement
BrowserMatch to replace mod_browser. Since env vars are being used to
control Apache functionality (e.g. 'force-response-1.0') it might be worth
allowing a more general way of setting them.


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