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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: nph- deprecation
Date Thu, 09 Jan 1997 18:42:13 GMT
On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

> Huah! YES, at least when you need some way to output your own header lines and
> HTTP request inside the CGI script. For instance inside a server-side
> scripting language (ePerl, MetaHTML, ...) or even when you want to write error
> documents which can do nifty things.

I don't get this. A CGI script has complete control over all its
headers, save ones like Server: and Date: which it should not be
accessing. There should be nothing that a CGI script needs to do
header-wise that it cannot do. If there is, that should be fixed.

The only real reason to have nph scripts is to provide unbuffered
output. And that can be done in other ways.

Remember that nph scripts royally screw up HTTP. They work with
HTTP/1.1 barely, because they are still tagged as HTTP/1.0. They will
never work with HTTP-NG. It's impossible.

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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