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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject 406 responses, variant list
Date Mon, 06 Jan 1997 04:23:31 GMT

Hello, folks!  Finally back from my see-america-by-train trip, almost got
washed away by flood waters in Reno, but had a great time overall.  I'm slowly
catching up on email, but came home to the latest browser-incompatibility

It seems that Lynx 2.6 on SGI gets 406 None Acceptible responses on negotiated
content from 1.2.  This is pretty traceable to a problem in Lynx - it's sending
"Accept: text/html;q=0.000", and I believe is a "known bug" (if it's not now it
will be soon).  Anyways it caused us to investigate the 406 responses we're
returning, and have found lots of very interesting situations in which they are
being returned.  We'll investigate that and report more later - for now we're
setting up a 406 ErrorDocument to give some better info than is there now.

So, the problem is, I want to get a list of the possible variants instead of
having to hunt for them on my own.  I could have sworn that at one point Rob
Hartill posted a patch which put the possible variants in a 406 response into a
CGI environment variable, which then allowed an ErrorDocument 406 CGI script to
use that to format the output. Since it appears that 406 responses from are very prettily outputted, I presume he was doing something like
this, yet I can't find it in the apache code anywhere.  I do see
make_variant_list in mod_negotiation.c, which puts a really simple HTML list of
the variants in the "variants-list"  note, but it doesn't appear to actually
work.  Try doing a 

  telnet 80
  GET / HTTP/1.0
  Accept: image/gif

and you'll see what I mean.  The code looks like it might have been an
ommission in the case switch in http_protocol.c for NOT_ACCEPTIBLE (notice
that the one below it, MULTIPLE_CHOICES, appears to try and output the
"variant-list" note), yet it doesn't work for MULTIPLE_CHOICES either.

Any ideas?



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