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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject Re: HTM vs. HTML/Netscape (fwd)
Date Thu, 02 Jan 1997 04:02:52 GMT

I think we need to think about considering .htm to be text/html for our 
next release.  This message is one of many on the bsdi list.


Cliff Skolnick, Technical Consultant
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Date: Wed, 01 Jan 1997 18:38:57 -0500
From: Gary N. McKinney <>
To: Vernon D Burke <>
Subject: Re: HTM vs. HTML/Netscape

Vernon D Burke wrote:
> (Randy Bush) wrote:
> >> One of my corporate clients is getting complaints from people trying to
> >> access his home pages using Netscape.  A file suffixed with .htm is not
> >> working in Netscape; it's just bringing up the html.  A file suffixed with
> >> .html is working, however.
> >>
> >> My client logged into the old account he's phasing out and everything
> >> works fine there.
> >>
> >> This leads me to believe it is a BSDI and/or Apache problem.  I need
> >> assistance as quickly as possible.  Has anyone run into similar problems
> >> and know why it's happening/how to make it stop happening?
> >
> >It's your web server.  It is builtin to know foo.html.  But it can not guess
> >all the other kinky prefixes you might decide are to be interpreted as HTML,
> >e.g. foo.htm, foo.lmth, etc.
> >
> >Check out srm.conf.
> >
> >And the problem is not BSDI-specific.  Hint.
> >
> >randy
> >
> typically i think you'll find htm-html translation is a peculiarity of
> windows web servers, given that win3.1 was limited to 3 character
> extensions. why would you expect unix to conform to this non-standard?
> tell your client to put use only html extensions.
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Spoken like a true UNIX advacate ... Of course I've heard the same thing
in the
Mid 70's by users of CP/M about DOS <grin>.

  One thing you have to remember is that Nothing remains the same...
people are 
going to use the tools they are comfortable with so we have to
accommodate them
if we can (and still keep the power and simplicity which makes UNIX what
it is).

 With the number of Win-95 users out in the world who are starting to
to produce their own web pages we are going to see more cases where the 
non-Unix client (unknowingly) will want to "throw" web pages which have
htm extent instead of the html extent. Some of the web authoring tools
for the
Windows Environment are starting to use the .html extent (or at least
allow the
selection of either .htm or .html) but most of the users don't know (or
care). Since they really have no idea of what is the "correct" file
(remember - they are used to the MicroSoft environment and as such have
to be 
re-trained <Grin>) and since THEY are the client it only seems
reasonable (IMHO)
to just add the .htm definition to the web server than to "fight City
Hall" as 
it were...

  The Apache web server was Designed to allow for extensible support
requiring the code to be re-written to handle changing requirements. 
The change
to the mime.type (I prefer putting the change in the srm.conf file
is very trivial and the customer is Very Pleased because we are able to 
insulate them from the preceived Magical/Mistical Unix

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Later  .... gm...

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