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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject parsing bug in mod_imap.c
Date Tue, 28 Jan 1997 06:49:26 GMT
If you have a map file like:
	base foobar
	rect ../foo/bar.html 0,0 499,77

mod_imap will go into an infinite loop.  Fixing it isn't a problem and
I know exactly where to do what, but should the above lead to:

	1. foobar../foo/bar.html

	2. foobar/../foo/bar.html

...which may end up being translated directly to foo/bar.html, but
that doesn't matter.

I don't use imagemaps much.  Does anyone actually use the first in
something like:

	base file
	rect 1.html 0,0 10,10
	rect 2.html 10,0 20,10

to get file1.html or file2.html?

Behavior 2 is more intuitive to most people I think, but they would
figure it pretty quickly if behavior 1 was used as long as their
server doesn't go into an infinite loop like it does now...

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