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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: web page on fin_wait_2 problem
Date Sun, 26 Jan 1997 23:50:11 GMT
Done.  As soon as 1.2b5 is out and I can add a couple more browsers, I
would like to get it in the tree.

My current list of clients that have this problem is:

        <LI>Mozilla/3.01 (X11; I; FreeBSD 2.1.5-RELEASE i386)
        <LI>Mozilla/2.02 (X11; I; FreeBSD 2.1.5-RELEASE i386)
        <LI>Mozilla/3.01Gold (X11; I; SunOS 5.5 sun4m)
        <LI>MSIE 3.01 on the Macintosh

Once again, can I please have people try this with a couple of Windows
browsers.  I want to expand this list to have a verion or two of
Netscape for Window, MSIE for Windows, and perhaps some 3.1 and
some 95 clients...

What to do:

	- be sure keepalives are enabled on your server; it is
	  easiest to do this on a server without any other traffic.
	- get a page from the server
	- do a netstat and look for the connection.  If you find it before 
	  the keepalive timeout, it will look something like:

tcp        0      0         ESTABLISHED

	- wait until the server closes the connection due to the keepalive
	  timeout.  Then do another netstat.  If the browser is buggy,
	  the connection will look like:

tcp        0      0         FIN_WAIT_2

...and will remain that way until it times out (if your OS has a timeout)
or you do something with your browser.

On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> MSIE 3.01 on Macintosh behaves identically to Netscape Navigator 3.x
> in regard to holding onto connections.  I suggest replacing your
> narrative of "Netscape" with "Client" or "Bad client".  Also, in general
> you should refer to the browser by its product name "Navigator", since
> some people are sensitive about their corporate name being used to
> describe particular applications.
> Nice summary in general.  Feel free to include the entire, detailed
> technical description of the need for some sort of linger that I sent
> earlier, perhaps as an appendix.
> .....Roy

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