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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: lingering_close()
Date Tue, 21 Jan 1997 05:52:36 GMT
Ok, I can replicate the problem now.  Happens if I don't use
lingering_close, doesn't if I do.  

Boy is Navigator Gold lame.  This is the first time I have used it and... 
well... lame.  It shows my password for an instant in the status line at
the bottom when I'm doing a PUT upload.  Sheesh.  Well, I suppose I should
be happy that it can't be much worse than FrontPage (server side) for

Now the trick is a fix.  Hopefully not too hard.  Aha.  I think the
problem is that as soon as Apache gets an invalid authorization, it sends
out a whine message and closes the connection.  However, Netscape is still
sending the file at the same time.  As soon as Apache finishes sending it,
it closes the connection.  Netscape is still trying to write, so it whines
when the connection is closed.

lingering_close() gets around this by slurping up and throwing away the
data that Netscape sends.  

I have no clue about PUT and how that stuff is supposed to work, so I will
have to check the RFC.  I'm cc:ing this to the list so anyone who has some
comments on how the server should handle the above situation can enlighten
me.  Should the server just slurp up all input coming from the client if
it needs to generate an error?  Could be a Netscape bug. 

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Randy Terbush wrote:

> Did you find that email in the archive where a 1.1.1 user solved
> a problem he was having with PUT by including the lingering_close()
> code?
> That triggers another memory for me. It was RST who wrote the
> lingering_close() code. It would have probably been included about
> the same time he was looking into improving PUT support. Makes sense
> that we need to still allow received data to trickle in on a PUT.
> Something to think about as we test this...

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