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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject [BUG]: "" on NeXT (fwd)
Date Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:24:54 GMT

Doh!, and we had two people give us patches for NeXT too.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon Jan 27 9:12:25 1997
Subject: [BUG]: "" on NeXT

Operating system: NeXT, version: 4.0
Version of Apache Used: 1.2b6
Extra Modules used: 
URL exhibiting problem: 

Using Makefile template file: Makefile.tmpl
./helpers/GuessOS: uname: not found
 + configured for NeXT platform
 + setting C compiler to gcc
sandburg:9# make
(cd regex; make lib CC=gcc AUX_CFLAGS='-O2 -DNEXT ' RANLIB='sleep 5; /bin/ranlib')
make[1]: Entering directory `/root/temp/apache_1.2b6/src/regex'
rm -f *.o
sh ./mkh  -i _REGEX_H_ regex2.h regcomp.c regerror.c regexec.c regfree.c >regex.tmp
cmp -s regex.tmp regex.h 2>/dev/null || cp regex.tmp regex.h
rm -f regex.tmp
sh ./mkh  -p regcomp.c >regcomp.ih
gcc -I. -DPOSIX_MISTAKE -O2 -DNEXT    -c regcomp.c -o regcomp.o
sh ./mkh  -p engine.c >engine.ih
gcc -I. -DPOSIX_MISTAKE -O2 -DNEXT    -c regexec.c -o regexec.o
sh ./mkh  -p regerror.c >regerror.ih
gcc -I. -DPOSIX_MISTAKE -O2 -DNEXT    -c regerror.c -o regerror.o
gcc -I. -DPOSIX_MISTAKE -O2 -DNEXT    -c regfree.c -o regfree.o
rm -f libregex.a
ar crv libregex.a regcomp.o regexec.o regerror.o regfree.o
a - regcomp.o
a - regexec.o
a - regerror.o
a - regfree.o
sleep 5; /bin/ranlib libregex.a
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/temp/apache_1.2b6/src/regex'
gcc -c -Iregex  -O2 -DNEXT   alloc.c
gcc -c -Iregex  -O2 -DNEXT   http_main.c
In file included from http_main.c:108:
/NextDeveloper/Headers/bsd/netinet/tcp.h:57: duplicate member `th_off'
/NextDeveloper/Headers/bsd/netinet/tcp.h:58: duplicate member `th_x2'
make: *** [http_main.o] Error 1




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