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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject [COMPILE]: "Problems installing on Solaris 2.6Beta" on Solaris 2.x (fwd)
Date Wed, 15 Jan 1997 16:13:19 GMT

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed Jan 15 5:01:59 1997
Subject: [BUG]: "Problems installing on Solaris 2.6Beta" on Solaris 2.x

Operating system: Solaris 2.x, version: 2.6B
Version of Apache Used: 1.2B4
Extra Modules used: a few, not relevant
URL exhibiting problem: 

Firstly, helpers/GuessOS gets lost on Solaris 2.6Beta
and has to be frigged to respond correctly.

Secondly, something is wrong with the way you change
getwd(char *) to getcwd(char *, MAX_STRING_LENGTH) on 5.6B.
I get:
  "/usr/include/unistd.h", line 280: syntax error before or at: MAX_STRING_LEN

(line 280 is: extern char *getwd(char *);  )

from every single file if I compile with that #define in.
Comment it out, and it compiles fine.

Hopefully, this wont cause any runtime errors, we'll see.
It seems to be runnign fine now.



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