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Subject Re: Apache profile
Date Sun, 19 Jan 1997 05:54:40 GMT
> If anyone is interested, I have a first run of a profiling
> session looking specifically at child_main() and it's ancestors.
> You can grab it at:

Oops, in your profile data file I see the following line:

  0.0     130.21     0.00        9     0.00     0.00  _php_xbithack_handler

Looks like you have mod_php compiled in and are running php2.0b10 without
having turned off the the PHP XBitHack handler which mistakenly defaults to
on in 2.0b10.  Stick a "phpXbitHack off" in your httpd.conf, or edit
mod_php.c and switch the order of the 0 and 1 in the define at the top
and recompile your httpd.

Other thoughts on that profile.  I am right in interpreting it to say that
it spends 97.5% of its time forking?  I guess that makes sense if you have
lots of servers.


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