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Subject Re: "official"
Date Fri, 31 Jan 1997 19:26:46 GMT
> You want to be a member of 2. Membership of 2 lays a certain onus on you to
> review patches (time permitting), and fix bugs (time and ability
> permitting). Lasting commitment to this _may_ get you membership of 3,
> though there are obvious reasons for trying to limit the size of 3 (even
> more than the size of 2).
> I personally have no objection to seeing how you work out as a voter.

I think some non-core voters are needed as well.  I vote on stuff that I have
direct knowlegde of.  ie. if someone submits a patch for mod_info, or 
parts of the API that I work with a lot.  Obviously Ralf should vote on
mod_rewrite related issues.  That's just common sense.


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