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Subject Re: Memory usage and freeing
Date Mon, 20 Jan 1997 18:28:33 GMT
> The other thing that makes it faster is the saving on context switches.
> Thread context switching is considerably cheaper than process context
> switching. 

Thread and process context switching under Linux is (or at least will be)
equivalent.  There is no advantage of one over the other.

> At least, traditionally memory can only be freed at the top of the heap -
> I'm not aware of any Unix that allows holes - but perhaps Linux does?

I believe the new Linux libc malloc actually uses a variation of mmap() 
to get memory.  mmap() from /dev/mem perhaps?  Not sure.  And an unmap()
will free it up even if it isn't on top.  Fragmentation would be a problem
though.  No idea if they have done anything to address that.


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