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Subject Re: Support organisations
Date Thu, 09 Jan 1997 18:09:47 GMT
> I seem to remember that we actually just point to the Apache web pages for
> related projects.

Perhaps mod_php and mod_perl should be listed on the related projects
page at then.  Here is the
PHP entry if it is deemed appropriate to add.  Some may argue that this
belongs in the Apache Module registry, but technically PHP/FI doesn't need
to run as a module, it can run as a CGI with Apache or any other web server
for that matter.  Of course, it is much more useful as a module.  It is also
much bigger and more complex than your average module.  I think it belongs
there alongside mod_perl.

  <H3>PHP/FI Project</H3>

  PHP/FI implements a simple HTML-embedded scripting language.  It includes
  a built-in page logging/counting mechanism with the ability to log hits to
  an SQL database.  It also supports a number of RDBMS packages including
  mSQL 1, mSQL 2, mysql, Solid, Postgres95 and Sybase.  

  For more information on PHP/FI see the
  <A HREF="">PHP/FI Homepage</A> (Toronto).


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