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Subject mod_auth_sql/odbc
Date Fri, 03 Jan 1997 18:37:11 GMT
> Yes; I looked at that some time ago; and was quite impressed; but I would
> like to get it a bit smaller/cleaner and auth oriented.

Of course.  A lean and mean mod_auth_sql module is definitely something
a lot of people would be interested in.  I brought up PHP as a source
of working code.  Skimming through msql.c, mysql.c, solid.c, pg95.c and
sybase.c in the PHP sources is a much quicker way of learning the basics
of the various RDBMS API's than trying to figure out each one from the
individual documentation, if you can find some.

> The other thing is that I am not too happy about the odbc front; the
> last time I looked was over a year ago; with a lot of buggy and leaking
> code. Perhaps things have improved. I'll give it a go this evening.

I agree, the ODBC front is not well-developed in the Unix world yet. 
But there is a serious need for something like ODBC, and even though it
is actually a terrible "standard", it is the only one with any hope
at the moment.  

Adam Sussman and I, mostly him, should have an ODBC level 1 compatible PHP
API available by the end of January.  A mod_auth_odbc should be trivial
to write based on that code once that is done.


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