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From "Ed Korthof">
Subject Re: ack re: [PATCH] performance improvement
Date Fri, 31 Jan 1997 22:49:07 GMT
On Jan 31,  9:58pm, Rob Hartill wrote:
> > Yes, I realized that. <blush> Well, without that, the patch appears to
> > work fine --
> did you measure any performance gain ?. Every little helps. Was it too
> little to notice though ?

Not yet -- I'll try this weekend or early next week.  We'll also be switching
to the most recent beta, and will see if that leads to any performance
improvements (I'll have a good idea if there was a net performance gain, but
it'll be hard to identify which components contributed).

> There's certainly scope in some (many?) modules to improve on efficiency
> by examining when module entry point are being called unecessarily, well
> not 'uneecessarily'  but, the modules are doing pointless work because
> they're being called at times when they have nothing worthwhile to contribute
> to the request.  You can see an example of that with the patch to
> mod_expires that has yet to be committed. mod_browser also repeats itself
> multiple times per request under certain circumstances (e.g. with
> DirectoryIndex I believe).

Hmm... I'll look into this some.  Seems reasonable to try to reduce repeated
calls to modules.

> Anyone know if mod_log_config (which is now the default) is costing any
> extra time ?
> Are we going to delay 1.2 even further to take more efficiency patches ?
> Who's carrying the 'release manager' ball today ?

Well, I want to try out the most recent beta -- if it's significantly more
efficient than previous versions, then I'll be satisfied; but if reports of the
relative efficient v. 1.1 are still true, then I'd say we should.

IMO, we should be able to get more than 100 requests per second on a 200+ mHz
DEC alpha running OSF/1 -- and we're currently maxing somewhere between 60 and
70.  (Basically 1.2b2 code base, but not just a test-bed system -- many pages,
including compiled CGIs and SSIs.)

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