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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: how about a mod_dld w/ libdl?
Date Mon, 27 Jan 1997 08:17:37 GMT

> > 
> > Oh by the way; I found the dlopen() to work on Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, 
> > Irix, SunOS and OSF1; so that should not bee to big an limitation. But
> > I've only done simple testing; i.e. compiling; adding and deleting
> > one or two modules and seeing if i could fetch some pages; but I still
> > have a feeling there is something major wrong with the shared config
> > space when you actually call the module.
> > 
> > DW.
> > 
> Question for you...  I've got dlopen() working great loading various
> modules...  But, if I try and load a module prior to binding addresses,
> the bind fails with "Cannot assign requested address".

I know what you mean; am I getting similar sporadic problems and
errors; which seem greatly affected by the cc/ld flags and the
particular OS I try them on. To be honest with you I have not got
the foggiest _why_ it does this; but I can reproduce it with a 
small 6 line program which just does a 'hello world' and loads
in a module with another  'hello world'. By muchking about with
the Makefile I can get it to work on one platform, but not on the
other; truss seems happy, but gdb and dbx freeze. So this will
take some time. I took the example from the Solaris dynamic link


> Just prior to binding ports I load the config file and then call
> the various module init routines.. If I move the module init
> routines to AFTER the bind everything works great.. the only problem
> there is the modules can't do any configuration stuff or validity checking
> prior to binding ports, which is unacceptable...
> I turned off the config stuff..  so now the only thing it does
> is load one module's init function (Which just prints out a passed
> variable) and unload it (dlclose) then attempt to bind the port..
> there aren't any possibilities of memory leaks or whatnot before
> the bind.. and the socket screation and option setting goes
> fine as does the host lookup and whatnot...
> It doesn't make any sense... Just in case I was getting a uid
> change i bumped the port number up to 6666. no help there, same
> effect..
> Any ideas?
> Jason

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