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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: Our image, up-to-date website, and PR #44
Date Fri, 24 Jan 1997 16:22:51 GMT
>From the fingers of Randy Terbush flowed the following:
>Regarding the state of the bug database...
>I think that we need to decide to use either mail, or the web
>interface. Not both. Two places to report bugs just creates more
>work in tracking it.

    D'accord, where possible.  I think the paragraph on bug_report.html
    gives the right message:

    "If you have done all of the preceding, then fill out the form
    below, and we will respond to it as soon as we can.  If your browser
    is incapable of using forms, please submit the same information to"

    There are going to be some cases when it isn't possible/appropriate
    for the web form to be used.  This allows for that; perhaps stronger
    wording to the effect of "Use the Web form to submit a problem
    report; send mail to apache-bugs ONLY AS A LAST RESORT" would be
    better still.

    It's very unfortunate that you get different forms depending upon
    whether you go to the inlined one at bug_report.html or click on
    `submit a pr' from bugdb.cgi.  My first guess is that the latter
    actually puts an entry directly into the bugdb, whereas the former
    sends mail to apache-bugs.

    Suggestion: Modify bug_report.html to give all the blather about
    `check this, and then this, and then this before submitting a bug,'
    and then have a link to "bugdb.cgi/send_pr?".  That way the input
    paths would appear to be reduced to two: the GNATS input form, or
    personal mail to apache-bugs.  Someone can then enter the latter
    reports into the bugdb.

    Argh, gotta go, so this may be missing some wordsmithing..

    #ken    :-)}

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