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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: how about a mod_dld w/ libdl?
Date Fri, 24 Jan 1997 10:56:50 GMT
I had a big go at this; making it also support the
very common dldopen(). You might want to have a look at
it, see attached diff. It does

	1. add a load/delete of complete chunks of code
	2. enable/disable of modules

But it is not that perfect jet :-) The trouble was that I
had to move away from the fixed array into a pointer
structure; see the diff on the core code.

> I just noticed mod_dld only uses the GNU libdld, which only support a.out
> format binaries.  I'm running a 100% ELF system here so it bombs when
> I link with libdld...
> I've heard someone made an ELF version of libdld, but its supposed to
> be much less efficient than libdl...  
> I guess from what I've read that libdl is only supported on solaris
> and linux, and possibly a few other variant systems, but since
> linux is so widely used these days someone might want to write
> support for libdl into Apache.
> If noone else has one, or noone wants to do it, I'll do it and
> send in patches.
> Jason S. Clary <>

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