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From "Lou D. Langholtz" <>
Subject Re: bad interaction w/ netscape's publish function
Date Thu, 09 Jan 1997 23:00:26 GMT
Lou D. Langholtz wrote:
> I submitted a bug report on this and have some more info to add. I
> haven't gotten a reply yet but I'm sure the person(s) behind the
> bug-reports list are swamped. Anyways, here's the problem...
> . . .

Problem solved...

Serves me right for not reading closely enough all of Randy Terbush's
email. Turns out that the lingering_close() function he mentioned in his
email "re:server timeouts and FIN_WAIT_2" fixes this problem. I copied
the code into my hacked 1.1.1 server and bingo PUT works always as
expected now!! :-) :-) :-)

Thanks Randy ;-)

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