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From "Jason S. Clary" <>
Subject Re: ack re: [PATCH] performance improvement
Date Sat, 01 Feb 1997 01:46:49 GMT

> Speaking of efficiency patches.

Has anyone considered a dependancy system for ssi?  Either manual where you
list dependencies in a <File> directive or some form of automatic

I was thinking of implamenting something of the sort at my site.. adding a
speudo-compiler to mod_include so if say a directive like:

  <File /index.html> 
  Source index.htmls
  Depends file1 file2 ... 

would make it check the dates on all those files and if not, run a little
precompiler routine that processes all static file includes and dumps the
result into index.html. If it still contains SSI code, then it can set its
xbits right or if its a .shtml don't worry about it..

I was also thinking about a more involved possibility of creating a .dep file
thats automaticaly created and updated by the compile process...

Anyways, the reason I think this would be helpfull is because of sites like
mine where the whole site has a generic interface so it includes a header.html
and footer.html on every page on the site.. The <HTML> and <HEAD> are in the
actual file, though, so I couldn't use a handler (which I wouldn't want to do
anyways, CGI's are slower than SSI and a module based one would be difficult
to re-process as SSI)

It would also make nested includes faster in some cases...

The other thing is I use XBitHack extensively (I try to avoid giving away the
nitty gritty details of how I build my web sites, since they are often
involved and unusual and it confuses people sometimes) and currently I set all
of the files that don't have any dynamic dependancies (like current time or
other CGI includes) so that it sends the proper date header so it doesn't
re-do it every time.. And I've got a silly little script that does a find on
all html files with execute set and touches them.. which is annoying, I want
to know when the PAGE was modified, not the headers and footers..  And I'm
sure people looking at my sites want to know that, too.

I dunno if anyone else would be interested in this..

btw, is the main page on SSI including the different sections?
Maybe that would explain the jerky response.. the whole site is slow in
but it stops in obvious particular places like maybe the sub requests take
a moment because the system is bogged...

If that is the case, then I think something like this would DEFINATELY speed
up's display (from a user standpoint) and possibly even reduce
server load...

The hard part will be to figure out locking on the dynamicly created file and
what to respond with if its locked, or maybe wait till its done compiling..

Jason S. Clary <>

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