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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject mod_rewrite & rse (was: Re: Agenda for 1.2b7)
Date Thu, 30 Jan 1997 12:15:38 GMT

In article <> you wrote:

> mod_rewrite is a seriously nice addition to the Apache server. Truely
> a must have piece of code in any server. However, by including any
> module within the Apache distribution, the author is essentially agreeing
> to work within the release schedule of Apache, and serve as the 
> primary maintainer for that piece of code. Any module author that chooses
> to also release separately on their own schedule is taking on an extra
> amount of work in doing so. I *think* that there are certain advantages
> from an author's standpoint of getting a module included as standard
> distribution, however I can also see some disadvantages.

100% Correct! Point.

> Having said all that, I don't think that the Apache group can be expected
> to track down every contributed module author to sync changes with
> their own release cycle. This whole release thing is getting tough enough
> to pull off.

> I hope that Ralf can help us get things in sync. Do we have concerns
> about some of the new features of his latest version?

I always try to keep mod_rewrite in sync, while actually this should never be
needed. Because mod_rewrite is for Apache and for the Apache Group. I have no
plans to do an own thing. The only difference is that I release newer version
before they are intergrated into the Apache distribution. 

The problem now is that the Apache Group commited the patches directly to
their CVS without any notice by me. I never even noticed that mod_rewrite was
also patched for snprintf. So 1.2b6 went out with a broken mod_rewrite! It is
ok and really fine when there are any ideas or notes or patches for
mod_rewrite from the Apache Group.  But because I think I'm the maintainer of
mod_rewrite it would be very nice if the Apache Group would wait for a +1 of
me for any patch to mod_rewrite. Or even better: Let me include the change
directly to the official mod_rewrite release and then commit this version
again into the Apache CVS.

I cannot trace every day the CVS commit messages and re-integrate the changes
into the official release. Because often (as with ap_snprintf) the patched
version is no longer with the spirit of the original, i.e.  compilable under
_BOTH_ under Apache 1.1.1 _AND_  Apache 1.2bX. So, I got the trouble and
bugreports and the Apache Group had a broken 1.2b6 :-( Hmmmm...

I would really prefer the Apache Group would privide me with core membership
and CVS access.  Then I can vote for the mod_rewrite changes _AND_ do the
commitment myself. When it is then broken, I can fix it immediately. But this
time we have to wait for Marc S. because he has introduced the bug and I
remembered it too late. So, my question is: Are there any problems to add me
to the core members? If not, please do it. Then things can go more smoothly
and without such trouble. 

I see the days of Apache 2.0 and mod_rewrite 2.5 where we run into the same
problem with different versions if we don't care or find a better way to sync.


                                        Ralf S. Engelschall

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