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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Agenda for 1.2b7
Date Wed, 29 Jan 1997 22:25:03 GMT
> Having said all that, I don't think that the Apache group can be expected
> to track down every contributed module author to sync changes with
> their own release cycle. This whole release thing is getting tough enough
> to pull off.
> I hope that Ralf can help us get things in sync. Do we have concerns
> about some of the new features of his latest version?

	I think that yes, it should be Ralf's responsibility to make
sure that Apache has the latest version of mod_rewrite, if we are
going to bundle it. (I do want to bundle it.) If the apache version of
mod_rewrite differs from an 'official version' of mod_rewrite, then
Ralf can submit patches against the apache mod_rewrite to update
it. If the apache mod_rewrite doesn't change, then he should tell the
group "ok, version X is release, please commit it." Ralf should not
rely on the group reading "new version announcements" posted to the
list. He should explicitly tell the group "please commit my new
	I think the above will make sync'ing easier, etc. 

	With respect to snprintf, Ralf wants to be able to #ifdef
around calls to snprintf for apache 1.1.1 compatibility? I don't know
if that's such a good idea..

Sameer Parekh					Voice:   510-986-8770
President					FAX:     510-986-8777

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