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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Call for 1.2b5 tarball
Date Sun, 26 Jan 1997 00:17:06 GMT
> I am going to run some errands, so here's the plan.  Marc and/or Alexei
> and/or Randy should commit the keepalive change.  After that, only Randy
> is allowed to commit things until after he changes it to 1.2b6-dev.
> Once the keepalive patch(es) are committed, everybody still logged in
> should update and compile and send in your +1 if things look okay.
> If anything goes wrong, send it to the list and let Randy do the commits
> (i.e., only one cook in the kitchen, please).
> Randy can roll the version number and generate a tarball when three
> +1 votes are in (including his), or later at his discretion, and post
> to this list when it is available for testing.
> If all goes well (or at least not terrible), we'll release 1.2b5 at
> 4pm PST tomorrow.
> S'okay?
> .......Roy


As soon as I see Alexei's new patch, I'll give it a whirl and if
not commited will do so after a positive vote.

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