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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject bflush and lingering close
Date Thu, 23 Jan 1997 22:30:34 GMT
The code still calls bflush then lingering_close (or
bflush and bclose).

  1. Is the bflush needed before the lingering close?

     It's looking like it is because we want to make
     sure the output is flushed before we shutdown.

  2. Why close and not bclose (both in lingering_close
     and in the !if (r && !r->connection->aborted) section?

     It looks like a bflush in lingering close may not
     be wise since the output is already flushed and shutdown.
     In the later case, maybe bclose might be better??

One thing to note is that bclose both closes fd and fd_in, whereas
in the lingering_close we just close fd    Is that an issue/problem?
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