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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: [BUG]: "When client requests HTTP/1.0, it still returns 1.1" on Linux (fwd)
Date Tue, 21 Jan 1997 05:34:13 GMT

This is regarding the server returning a 1.1 header with 1.0 request. 
Are we still adding the patch for the environment override for http/1.0?  


no ack for the reply.

David Rudder said:
> From  Mon Jan 20 13:21:40 1997
> Well, it does affect more than just AOL.  My company is writing a mail 
> client in Java.  Java's class libraries don't support HTTP 1.1 (not even 
> in the new JDK1.1).  We patched our version to work with your server, but 
> other people writing Java applets/applications will have trouble with 
> Apache.

Aram Mirzadeh
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