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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: snprintf changes
Date Sun, 19 Jan 1997 23:36:13 GMT
> On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Randy Terbush wrote:
> > Since Marc's patch is rather large and touches much of the code,
> > I would vote to commit it now.
> So far so good here. If it's going in, the sooner the better.
> +1

That is three votes to include I believe. Marc, do you have a current
patch? Might be much easier if we can also agree to remove mod_fastcgi.c
from the distribution.

> > It does not appear to break anything
> > and would probably allow more people to test portability issues if it
> > is committed. I'm going to hold off on commiting any other patches
> > until we get this in since my commit of the current mod_fastcgi.c
> > has already caused problems for this patch.
> mod_fastcgi. Urgh. If this is being maintained outside of the group
> then it doesn't belong in the src/ dir. If there's someone who reads this
> list maintaining it, then fine, otherwise +1 on moving it to contrib.

I agree. I understand that it was included for NCSA compatibility,
but I don't understand why it can't be added just like other modules
like mod_php, mod_perl, etc. Not to mention that it is not being
distributed under Apache Copyright.

I would vote to remove it from the distribution.

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