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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: and now back to snprintf
Date Tue, 14 Jan 1997 05:32:09 GMT
> Ok, because of the issues that came up on the weekend the snprintf stuff
> probably won't be ready for a beta in the next few days like I had hoped.
> :(
> I still have to finish converting my patches to use ap_snprintf, which
> would take a couple of evenings if I got the time.
> Then there is making ap_snprintf work properly on 64-bit machines. 
> ...there is a definite problem there, things like getting 184 when it
> should be 429.  This may or may not be easy.  I have access to a 64-bit
> machine to test on now, so who knows... could be minor, could be so major
> we can't do it before 1.2. 
> There are also a few cleanups in ap_snprintf that need to be made based on
> feedback from various platforms.
> Anyone want to expand on the suexec docs and warnings?

Don't worry about the suexec docs. I would appreciate it if someone
other than me could make some changes, but if not, I will see that
it gets done by the next beta.

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