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From Root <>
Subject Re: ROUS' and IRC as a development environment
Date Mon, 13 Jan 1997 15:09:18 GMT
> > Since when? he used to hang out on EFNet in #linux
> > 
> > Granted, last time I was on #linux on EFNet was 3 years ago, but he
> > was in there often.
> Uh, either somebody impersonated him, or you were smoking something.
> Like I said, I know Linus, he has used irc maybe 5 times ever.  And he
> certainly doesn't use irc as any sort of development forum.
> -Rasmus
Hmm, I'll have to check on that... I don't still have the logs from
back then, not that it would do much good.  IRC, and in fact most
unix systems didn't have any sort of DNS spoof checking back in
those days..  I'm pretty sure the guy who claimed to be linus
at least showed up as being from the same domain as linus' published
E-Mail address...  but as I said, that could easily have been
faked back then..

I do know for certain that several other people involved in kernel
development used to and probably still do hang out in efnet's
#linux channel as well as UnderNET's #linpeople/#linux channels.

Ohwell, I'll confirm with linus.. I know a lot of people will
be interested if that was a spoof.

I was just wondering if anyone had considered it.  I've found it
usefull and I know a lot of other people who use it as a development
forum.  If you aren't the chatty type and can keep your mind on
what you are doing and spend a lot of time online it can be
very productive..  Takes discipline, though, if you do like
to chitchat.


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