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From Root <>
Subject Re: ROUS' and IRC as a development environment
Date Mon, 13 Jan 1997 01:41:51 GMT

Hmm, maybe its a bad thing for you then...  I know at InnerNET we got an
awful lot done, BUT InnerNET was formed for the purpose of coders
and experimenters to have a place to hook up the servers they were piddling
with and have a place to test things.  It was mostly set up as a coders

It did get fairly active... The OuterNET network (which  used to be
InnerNET,  when I left the net for a bit there was a falling out between
the opers and things went haywire..) is smaller than InnerNET was, and
its less coder oriented...   ohwell.

> On Sun, 12 Jan 1997, Andrew Wilson wrote:
> > I think there have been several suggestions like this.  But I think
> > it's a bad idea, mainly cuz of:
> I'd tend to agree, for different reasons. As someone who used to be an
> IRC addict, and who helped develop software and policy for one of the
> currently major IRC "networks" (DALnet, if anyone cares), I'd have to
> say that what chats are generally good for
> are... well... chatting. It's fun just to talk to people, but I don't
> think it's particuarly effective in getting things done.
> All things considered, I think email is quite possibly the best
> solution. It's quick and easy, is logged and reviewable, and is not
> time sensitive - I can send an email now, even though people in Europe
> are likely asleep, and they can read it when they wake up. It's hard
> to get that on IRC without spending a lot of time online (and I used
> to).
> Or, to put this another way: I used to waste time chatting. Now I
> waste time coding Apache. Which is most beneficial to the Apache
> Group? Probably the latter ;)
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