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From Root <>
Subject Re: ROUS' and IRC as a development environment
Date Mon, 13 Jan 1997 01:37:42 GMT
> I think there have been several suggestions like this.  But I think
> it's a bad idea, mainly cuz of:
> 1)	online costs are prohibitive for some of us

True, sorry about that.

> 2)	IRC is a piece of shit

Hey, watch your toung..  Ok, so the core code of ircu sucks but some
of the others are quite nice.  I started with irci similar to the
way Apache started with ncsa.

> 3)	chat doesn't log discussions in an email archive, actually, 
> 	this is the single most important reason.  It would be
> 	*very* r0ng to encourage people to use a development vehicle
> 	that broke the peer-review principals of the group.  email
> 	is operationally the lowest common denominator, and is
> 	archive/x-reference friendly, this matters a great deal.

Ohh, but it can... ;)  A Smart bot could log everything and put it into
an email and web archive just like a mailing list.

Might want an OTR (Off The Record) option or else someone should cut out
the crap before its put up publicly..  ;P

But, it makes for very fast development for a large group.
I'm not saying necessarily IRC...  I just wondered if you knew
the benefits of doing group work in live chat environments.

> Of course, chatting to people is cool and works quite well for
> relatively less complex problem-solving, either by IRC/MOO or the
> more 'rocket-science' TeamRooms approaches that are currently being
> developed.

Works pretty well for code development, actualy.. Its used for linux
kernel development fairly extensively, as well as the various irc
servers and bots.

> In an alternative dimension I design chat clients, but I still
> think it's a lousy development vehicle for an entity the like of
> Apache Group.  Hem.

Maybe, I just thought I'd ask.. ;)  I mean, you'd think if its good
enough for Linus Torvalds, it would be good enough for Apache.. ;P

Ohwell..  I don't care what you do, personaly.. I just noticed this
snprintf thing has been going on for almost two days now...  You'd
think it would be done and in the core by now if you were working
in a faster environment.  And would have already been tested
on every conceivable OS...  Thats the nice thing.. get in to any
technical channel and ask 50 people to test something for you and
they will do it usualy right then and tell you what happened
and what OS and hardware and net connection they used.

VERY handy.

And to the shrug person...


(i.e. non-committal gesture, sometimes meaning to give up or go along with)
(     Also, signifying willingness to live with the conditions at hand    )

> > "Life, don't talk to me about LIFE!"
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