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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: PLEASE try compiling snprintf.c (was: Re: snprintf.c uploaded)
Date Sun, 12 Jan 1997 23:03:59 GMT
Chuck Murcko wrote:
> Actually, any named version will build any other version. The naming business
> is to satisfy Panos' copyright when I started supporting the newer ports.
> They're really all the same source, save for what the root of the source
> directory is named, and the version ID embedded in the binary when you build
> it.

I meant that the ports for FreeBSD required the *cvt stuff, since FreeBSD
doesn't have 'em.

In any case, I've uploaded the latest (once again)... This includes
the *cvt() functions, which are used if compiled with the
-DNEED_CVT options. Once Marc's finished his test suite, it might
be a Good Idea for everyone to try it out both ways (ie: w/ and w/o
NEED_CVT)... If as fast or faster than native, we may just as well
use it by default and have one less option.
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                  "Not the Craw... the CRAW!"

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