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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: ROUS' and IRC as a development environment
Date Sun, 12 Jan 1997 22:32:43 GMT
I think there have been several suggestions like this.  But I think
it's a bad idea, mainly cuz of:

1)	online costs are prohibitive for some of us
2)	IRC is a piece of shit
3)	chat doesn't log discussions in an email archive, actually, 
	this is the single most important reason.  It would be
	*very* r0ng to encourage people to use a development vehicle
	that broke the peer-review principals of the group.  email
	is operationally the lowest common denominator, and is
	archive/x-reference friendly, this matters a great deal.

Of course, chatting to people is cool and works quite well for
relatively less complex problem-solving, either by IRC/MOO or the
more 'rocket-science' TeamRooms approaches that are currently being

In an alternative dimension I design chat clients, but I still
think it's a lousy development vehicle for an entity the like of
Apache Group.  Hem.


Mmm, so, that's 3 posts in a week from me.  This is probably a

> Hmm, I just was wondering if any of you guys hang out on IRC...  
> Back when I was running InnerNET (now known as OuterNET) we used
> to find it exceptionaly productive to have all the developers hang
> out in a particular channel...  Development of the irci server went
> rapidly because of quick response time.  We also had a mailing list
> but things always seem slow on mailing lists.
> Anyways, get a good eggdrop bot with file archive options enabled
> and you can trade files and talk interactively about problems
> and new features.
> I don't know if any of you hang out in IRC already or not.. Just
> wondering..
> Jason
> P.S. ROUS: Woo, a Princess Bride fan.. cool.. ;P  Can you perform
> a maiwage?  ;)
> not to mix metaphors, but:
> "Life, don't talk to me about LIFE!"


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